Spy Connection

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No. of Players: 2 - 4


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What is it about?

For a spy, a network of valuable contacts and inconspicuous travel opportunities is elemental to their survival. But as the players of Spy Connection will soon come to learn, in a job as dangerous as this, contacts may vanish into the underground and the window of time to use a secure travel route may close at any point. Which missions will the players try to complete? How will they best use their network for this? And at what point will they sacrifice their existing network for the benefit of new routes?

How does it work?

• The players use their turns to accept missions or travel throughout Europe, until one player completes their seventh mission.

• To complete a mission, the players need to travel to all cities shown on a mission card. For this, they have a limited supply of network markers, which they use to cover the distances between cities, but also to cover the city on a mission card, once they got there.

• In their existing network, players may travel freely. But if a player does not have enough markers to reach a new destination, they have to take back markers that are already in use, thus continuously creating new travel routes and losing others.

Spy Connection