D&D Adventure Tokens

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Introducing the Glow Craft Token System!

Keep track of initiative and status of PCs, NPCs and enemies without taking up too much space, with these 3MM wooden tokens, perfect for the DM or player on the go!

This D&D Token Kit includes:

10 Unique Player Tokens

For players or special NPC’s

5 NPC Tokens

Individually lettered to allow them all to be in play at the same time

10 Enemy Tokens

3 Group A
3 Group B
2 without groups to bolster a group or to be used as unique enemies
2 Large Enemies

23 Initiative Tokens

9 Initiative Trackers
14 Status Markers
2 of each: Poisoned, Invisible, Blinded, Prone, Unconscious, Grappled

D&D Adventure Tokens