Kingdom of Aer: Kingmaker

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No. of Players: 2 - 5

Age: 10+

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This indie game was created right here in Australia!

In the mourning of King Otarohs death, the 5 Houses must gather together to decide which house will rule the kingdom.

Kingmaker is a social strategy elimination game for up to 5 players who battle it out in a game of wits, deceit and cunning play. You must keep your royalty alive long enough to win the crown, and bring power and ultimate rule for your house. Standing in your way are the other house's vying for rule.

As Kingmaker to your House, you will build powerful alliances, orchestrate assassinations and destroy your opponents to ensure your house gains control over the kingdom.

This action packed 10-15 minute game will test friendships and highlight your true loyalties through exhilarating gameplay.

Chaos, disorder, and mayhem is inevitable.


Note: Each box contains the same game but allows you to express your loyalty to your favourite House with a unique design!

Kingdom of Aer: Kingmaker