Castles of Caleira

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No. of Players: 2 - 4

Age: 8+

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This indie game was created right here in Australia!

Castles of Caleira is a beautifully illustrated, fantasy landscape microgame for 2-4 players that uses clever interaction, and strategic decisions for players to compete to build the castle that history remembered. The average play time is around 15-20 minutes per game.

Bonus! Each copy comes with Kickstarter Exclusive stretch targets: Individual Sleeves for every card and 2 exclusive Moat Cards allowing for a 4th player in game!


Players compete to build the best castle one piece at a time, each piece either hinder's their opponent or helps them build a stronger castle. The player who builds the highest scoring castle is the winner.

The Story

Two Monarchs, who were rivals tried to build luxurious Castles, on two opposing hills, each Castle a monument to their own ego. As each castle grew, jealousy brewed amongst them, and the rivalry saw conflict. This brought war, and chaos to the hills of Caleira. This game is the manifestation of the cunning, and strategic sabotage, that allowed only one Monarch to rule the hills of Caleira. History tells us who ruled both hills, but which Ruler will you be?


  • Game Rules
  • Travel Pouch
  • Trebuchet – 4 cards
  • Battlements – 3 cards
  • Watch Tower – 3 cards
  • Marketplace – 2 cards
  • Throne Room – 2 cards
  • Wizard Tower – 1 card
  • The Observatory – 1 card
  • Princess' Spire -1 card
  • Barracks - 1 card
  • The Moat - 2 cards

Castles of Caleira