Goblins of Zarth 5e Module (PDF Version)

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Goblins of Zarth

A stolen legacy drives you and your siblings to the heart of goblin society in this epic introduction to an all-new setting for the fifth edition.

This book provides everything players, and Games Masters need to explore the Labyrinthine city of Zaranthurul, taking their first steps into an expansive goblin civilisation known as The Zarth Empire.

Goblins of Zarth is a three-module adventure that catapults players through every level of goblin society. It Structures the whimsy of goblin behaviour into a coherent civilisation that immerses players in a rich tapestry of lore. From fungus farms in the Ravenous Slum to dangerous engagements of the 'no holds barred' Ball Room of the imperial court, this fully illustrated adventure delights at every turn. Will you survive the trap-laden borough's of this sprawling city, or fall beneath the wheels of progress like so many others?

  • Over 120 pages of content allowing you to explore Zaranthurul well beyond the core adventures
  • 3 New setting specific subclasses
  • An abridged version of the rules for casual games
  • Detailed gridless maps and digital tokens for online use
  • New Creatures to fuel the ever-growing needs of the empire!
  • Unique new equipment that only the most devious goblin could dream up!
  • Guides to stores, food, cultural activities and resources of the Zarth empire!

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Goblins of Zarth 5e Module (PDF Version)