The Original Dice Charms by Cepholopede

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Dice charms are magical critters who are so obsessed with math rocks that they gravitate towards particularly special collections of dice. When dice charms join a collection they act as its custodian and work tirelessly towards getting the best results out of their special collection. When treated well they will stay with your collection and do their best to charm your dice.

Dice charms are fond of encouraging speeches, being held, and recieving affectionate rubs. A Dice Charms favourite place to be is atop a tower of dice, where they are granted a commanding view the action.

The Original Dice Charms by Cepholopede are lovingly hand sculpted and cast. For this reason colours may vary slightly from the images on display and mild inconsistencies can appear in the physical make up of each Dice Charm. Please forgive the Dice Charms for this, they really are trying their hardest! They may be different but they love you just as much.

Original Owlbear
This was the first Dice charm to ever appear, it caused great of confusion for dice collectors far and wide. It is often remarked that the original owl bear has a particularly long beak and may have evolved this feature to dig deep in large dice collections in search of particularily blessed dice, or possibly to steal your GM's snacks.

Veteran Owlbear
Veteran Owlbear is the survivor of many long campaigns, they have blessed countless throws and while their wings may be a little shaky, their years of experience are well suited to the task at hand. They are Good in a tight spot and are always willing to show their hand when it comes to breaking in 'trouble dice' or guiding young dice to greatness.

Lucky God Cthulhu
Never one to be content with limited outcomes, Lucky God Cthulhu specialises in the hundred outcomes of the percentile dice. Lucky God Cthulhu is always found at the heart of a collection whispering sweet words of madness to the hearts of your dice, this can make your rolls tend towards extremes but it is in the do or die moments that Lucky God Cthulhu truly shines.

Lollypop Tiefling
The Lollypop Tiefling is a lover of mischief and magic that is most often drawn towards large collections of dice that they will spend hours organising by colour and type. The Lollypop Tieflings do however have a soft spot for underdogs and so can just as easily gravitate towards small buy extremely special collections of dice that they will charm with all of their might!

The Original Dice Charms by Cepholopede