Blood in Woodhaven 5e Module - Adventure Pass (PDF Version)

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“The symptoms started as a mere weakness and loss of appetite but quickly escalated into bleeding from the gums and fingernails. Painful lesions opened across the surface of the skin, and soon after the patient became emaciated and unable to digest food or water. Im once more at a loss to aid them as I was with all the others we’ve had to bury.

- Keeper Eldon Broadleaf

The Blood Spittle Plague tears apart the peaceful daily life of Woodhaven, spreading throughout the village at an alarming speed. Worse still, the town’s healer, Eldon Broadleaf, has also disappeared and with them all hope of treating the disease. As the situation in Woodhaven grows dire, secrets from the village’s history return as it becomes clear something far more sinister is at play.

Blood in Woodhaven is a campaign spread across five gripping adventures that immerse players in the dark and morally complex world of Aurelia. The complete Adventure Pass includes:

  • Five complete adventures which will release weekly and can be played in sequential order as a campaign or run separately as one-shots.
  • A morally complex story for players to explore, writing the future history of Woodhaven with their every decision and action.
  • The lore and background of Aurelia, a brand-new fantasy world for running games of 5th edition.
  • Guidelines for running dark fantasy adventures that strike a refreshing new tone for your table.
  • A collection of new monsters and antagonists, among them the fearsome ‘swamp basilisk’ and tormented ‘legion wraith’.
  • A detailed region map of Woodhavens surrounds, as well as dungeon maps and battle maps to help visualise your adventure.

Remember, the world of Aurelia is not black and white. Darkness lurks wherever the light of the sun does not reach, oftentimes in the hearts of the commonfolk.


Blood in Woodhaven 5e Module - Adventure Pass (PDF Version)