The Vault of the Living Flame 5e Module - Adventure Pass (PDF Version)

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“The world exists far beyond the borders of Aurelia and into a vast unknow… One must simply summon the courage to step beyond what is familiar.” 

- Juniper Longstride

The Winter Ranges are a vast and treacherous place where exploration through the mountains is impeded by frozen cliffs, glacial valleys, black forests, and the merciless cold. Yet as hostile as the natural environment is, the Winter Ranges are also a place ripe with discoveries for those brave enough to seek them out!

Juniper Longstride is a famous explorer who has hired a group of adventurers to escort her on such a quest into the Winter Ranges. She is look for the treasure vault of Velkünd Fireblood, an ancient giant who hoarded treasures stolen from distant realms. Tales speak that Velkünd’s wealth was locked away after he died and is still waiting to this very day to be discovered again.

  • One epic adventure spanning over 16 hours of game time, or more depending on how deeply your party wish to explore!
  • An epic story steeped in legends and mythology, where players will slowly gather clues that help them unravel the truth behind the ancient folktales of Aurelia.
  • Lore and background for Aurelia, a brand-new fantasy world for running games of 5th edition.
  • A collection of over 10 stat blocks for brand new terrifying monsters and epic NPCs.
  • A detailed region map of the Winter Ranges, as well as highly detailed full colour battle maps to help visualise your adventure.

Remember, the world of Aurelia is often shrouded in mystery. Terrifying truths have a tendency to hide in the echoes of ancient myths.

The Vault of the Living Flame 5e Module - Adventure Pass (PDF Version)