UNLOCK! Star Wars
The pairing of the popular cooperative escape-room style system with the Star Wars license is sure to grab...
Star Wars Legion Upgrade Card Pack
Selecting the troops that you’ll lead into battle is only the first step in creating your own Star Wars:...
Star Wars Empire vs Rebellion
“Come, boy, see for yourself. From here, you will witness the final destruction of the Alliance and the...
Star Wars Legion Rebel Veterans
With instincts honed in the trenches, Rebel veterans are often assigned the hardest and most vital jobs in...
Star Wars Legion Imperial Bunker Battlefield Expansion
As outposts and data centers, Imperial bunkers play a pivotal role in securing the Empire's reign over the...
Star Wars Legion Darth Vader Operative Expansion
Feared by friend and foe alike, Darth Vader is the living embodiment of the Empire’s might. Before he...
Star Wars Legion Wookie Warriors
Despite their imposing size, Wookiees are normally peaceful and proud. After years of suffering under Imperial rule, however,...
Star Wars Legion Rebel Pathfinders
Spies, saboteurs, and assassins, the Rebel Pathfinders are the most elite—and the most deadly—of the Alliance’s soldiers. These...