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No. of Players: 2 - 4

Age: 10+

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Welcome to Scoffton, can we get you some bread?

You have just stepped back in time into the worst All You Can Eat buffet in town, Scoffton. Nothing has changed here since 1985, including the prawns!

Will you have the intestinal fortitude to bring home the bacon in this souper restaurant romp by gaining the most Value For Money points?

Plan ahead by matching recipes on the Menu Selection cards to score serious Value For Money!

Push your luck at the Claw Machine for the chance to win RAD prizes!

Win the game by being the player to extract the most Value For Money from this less than salubrious establishment all whilst avoiding Management’s shameless attempts to fill you up on bread. 

And whatever you do don’t eat the poisoned prawn!

Scoffton is the worker placement game of belly management that takes about 60 minutes to play and can accommodate 2-4 players, age 10+.