5-Minute Dungeon

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No. of Players: 2 - 5

Age: 8+

A Chaotic, Cooperative, Real-Time Card Game

Will you make it out alive? Test your wits in a battle to the end with 5-Minute Dungeon! In this chaotic real-time card game, players use quick thinking to combat monsters, overcome obstacles and escape dungeons – all within 5 minutes! With the clock ticking, it’s up to you and your team to battle together in pursuit of victory or perish alone.

Learn Fast, Play Even Faster
This high-stakes tabletop card game is simple to learn and exhilarating to play! To begin, select a hero – who comes with a unique deck and hero mat – and draw a hand of cards. Once each player is equipped, start the timer, flip over the top card of the dungeon and begin battle! Within 5 minutes you must match the symbols of your action and resource cards to the cards in the dungeon to win.

Develop Problem-Solving Skills
Made for kids and adults alike, 5-Minute Dungeon is a great way to hone quick-thinking and problem-solving skills. Within a chaotic and fun game, players learn to speedily absorb information and strategize to determine the best solution! With the added pressure of time, it’s imperative that players use sharp thinking to find their way out of the dungeon.

Cooperate to Win
This crazy chaotic game requires players to work together to win! While any player can slap a card down at any time, once a card is gone, it’s gone forever! With this in mind, your team must cooperate to use action and resource cards wisely and defeat all the dungeons! This frantic and fun game is a great way to promote bonding and team building. Battle together… or perish alone.

What's in the Box:

  • 250 Cards
  • 5 Double-Sided Hero Mats (10 Heroes Total)
  • 5 Boss Mats (5 Bosses Total)

5-Minute Dungeon