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No. of Players: 2 - 4

Age: 14+

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100% Aussie Designed AND Manufactured! 

During this rollercoaster of a game, you’ll be forced to score points for your opponents by playing their tiles. If your opponents overextend themselves, cunningly remove their scoring tiles and watch their hopes crumble. But always remember to save up your favourite tiles to clutch victory in the last seconds of the game. It’s the psychological thriller for family and friends that you always wanted.


What's included?!

+ Wooden Carry Box

+ 48 Laser Cut Carbonised Bamboo Game Pieces

+ Rulebook


The objective of Squendo is to score the most points, using tiles of your own colour, at the end of the game. To gain points, tiles can be placed next to each other or stacked on top of each other. But be careful, when a stack of three is formed, your tiles may be thrown out! Throughout the game, look to remove opposition tiles whilst protecting your own tiles and ensure you keep some good tiles in hand for the end.